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Reflections Records :: Vinyl :: Herder - Fergean. LP

Herder - Fergean. LP
Herder - Fergean. LP 
Reflections Records.With FERGEAN, their brandnew album, HERDER once again proves they’re not just a bunch of uncontrollable madmen but they also show that their own unique blend of Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal makes them one of the best bands in the world of riff-laden music.

The new album, lyrically, focuses on the annihilation and total destruction of the world and civilization inflicted by the human race. All portrayed through the Roman emperors and their hunger for power and merciless behavior. FERGEAN can be seen as a logical step after the band’s previous album ‘GODS’. An incredible mixture of styles filled with aggression, innovative riffs and great melodies.

“Forgone conclusions are the forebears of an Evasion of truth which procreates itself within a Radiating silence. Grand precipitations of the lives which will march on in an Everlasting pace and the cycle repeats itself for the generations through the aeons All is lost when man cannot stand upon its feet and see the truth in the whirlpool of lies No one is spared in the end”

First pressing: 350 On Black Vinyl, 100 on Pink vinyl

Weight 250.00 g
Price: €15.00

Colored vinyl

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