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Reflections Records :: Vinyl :: Kult Of The Wizard - The White Wizard. LP

Kult Of The Wizard - The White Wizard. LP
Kult Of The Wizard - The White Wizard. LP 
Reflections Records. “Crafted with care and purity The White Wizard explores a tender subject of love. It’s in this form that KULT OF THE WIZARD resides physically. Tuned into their natural vibrations riff slingers, Aaron Hodgson and Ryan Janssen bring sonic devastation held steadfast by the drums of battle from Anthony Bierstedt (Travis Nordahl on the record) And just when you thought the bleak end was eminent, the soaring vocals of Mahle Roth bring life. Focusing their sound on aural landscapes each song becomes more about exploring the ride of the riff and less on a set form, presenting a live visual that takes the audience to a space outside of themselves and pushes their bodily resonances together into one unified form and experience. KULT OF THE WIZARD is a collection of human beings that set forth to bring different forms of Mother Nature to light. In each form a wizard presents itself and reigns down with all their force. Shaking mountains and bringing oceans to unrest, the band carves a path of destruction and life in hopes to bring favor to the powers divine.Praise be to Gaia, the great creator, the great destroyer. All hail the riff."

First pressing is 400 copies on Black Vinyl and 100 copies on Blue Vinyl.

Weight 250.00 g
Price: €10.00

Color Vinyl

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