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Herder - Gods. LP
Herder - Gods. LP 
Reflections Records. HERDER became an often mentioned band in the world of underground, extreme music with their self titled debut album delivering a furious mix of Stoner, Doom and Sludge all based on the insane riffing of guitar god JB (known from ao Aborted). Their second album “Horror Vacui”, also the last one featuring vocalist Nico, made the band embrace an even darker atmosphere and with the very well received “Doomed” 7”, the band officially introduced Ché Snelting, the new singer. At the 2013 edition of the world famous Roadburn Fest HERDER played in a sold out venue welcoming the audience in a storm of spit and thunderous volume leaving an audience gasping for air and the band went through their entire stock of merchandise and records afterwards.

With “Gods” HERDER is taking another big step forward with an even darker and heavier sound than on their previous work (once again done by string wizard JB at Hewwetover Studio). The songs show more depth and have a more sinister feel without losing the in-your-face brutality the band became famous for. HERDER is a band that doesn’t need much words beside their well-known “HERDER is HARDER” phrase. And GODS, featuring the incredible art of Mattias Frisk (ao Ghost, Vampire, Entrapment) is the new chapter in the dark, evil and fucked up loudness that is HERDER!

The LP comes in a deluxe gatefold, reverse printed, gatefold sleeve. First press contains 100 copies on Clear/Brown vinyl (DIE HARD version only), 150 copies on Brown vinyl and 750 copies on black vinyl. ALL COLORED VINYL SOLD OUT.


Weight 250.00 g
Price: €7.50


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