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Jonathan Hultén - The Dark Night Of The Soul. BOX Jonathan HultéN
The Dark Night Of The...

Reflections Records. “The Dark Night Of The Soul is the debut 12”from Jonathan Hultén. Known for his totally unique and flamboyant stage presence and personality within metalband Tribulation. Inspi...

Price: €50.00

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Lifespite - Same Title. PACKAGE Lifespite
Same Title

Reflections Records. LIFESPITE is ready to pound your worthless skull to dust! This is negative hardcore! Having just recorded their debut 7" with Marc van Duivenvoorde (Herder, Villainy, Acid Deat...

Price: €17.50

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Sect - Same Title. PACKAGE Sect
Same Title

With two countries and four hometowns between them, Sect was born when two project ideas between tour mates merged into the same experiment, finally taking shape in 2015 and culminating in recordin...

Price: €22.50

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