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Terms & Conditions
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: First and for all do we want to make sure that you’re satisfied with our service. Without you, there’s no Reflections Records and no online-store. We will ALWAYS keep that in mind!

Reflections Records takes pride in the fact that we’re as fast as possible with shipping out your order. It can however occur that some of your ordered items are not in stock. Usually we get them back in so fast you don’t even notice any delay in the delivery of your order, when it does takes longer we’ll let you know and / or ask you for alternatives. If we coincidentally sent you the wrong items or wrong size of merchandise, please, get in touch and we’ll make sure things will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Return address:
Reflections Records
Eilenbergstraat 10
5011 EB Tilburg
The Netherlands

We definitely prefer payment through Paypal ( it’s reliable and most and for all, superfast. For you that means you’ll receive your ordered items really quick! Payments through banktransfer are also fast (it usually takes 2/4 days to appear on our account). When sending cash, please take note that we’re not responsible for money that gets lost in the mail. We never really had any problems with customers losing money, but make sure you hide the cash in a sheet of paper or something. Never send coins! We don’t take creditcards yet, but when you do have one you can easily create a Paypal account and pay us that way.

Take Note: When we haven’t received payment within 14 days after you placed your order, we will delete the order!

It may sound a bit harsh but we handle every order with the upmost care, and when you randomly order with no intention to actually pay, it’s just work for nothing. If you however urgently need to order and let us know by e-mail that you pay us later, it’s cool ofcourse. Really, we’re very easy to deal with!

After we received payment we usually ship you order that very same day. Orders from The Netherlands will usually arrive the next day. International shipping takes between 7-30 days (depending on where you’re from). You may have noticed the expensive shipping charges internationally‚Ķ Not much we can do about it. Worlwide postal services seem to become more expensive each year. Until we start our own shipping company (which will most likely not happen very soon...) we have to live with it...

International customers will be responsible for all customs, duties and tax charges, which may vary from country to country. You may also be subject to a surcharge by the Postal Services for the handling of your order through customs and/or for addresses outside of their standard delivery area. Reflections Records has no control over these charges and they are not included in our Product or Shipping and Handling fees.

Orders that have already been shipped from our warehouse cannot be cancelled. We cannot accommodate requests for credit on orders that have been refused by the recipient or are undeliverable because of an incorrect (international) address.

We send out most of all orders with TNT Postal Services. This is the cheapest way of sending small packages but it means that they’re not trackable. We however can honestly say that it never happens that a package doesn’t arrive. If you DO want your order to be shipped with a tracking number you can choose that option but it costs extra.

Please take note that during weekends we don’t send out orders. We work during normal office-hours basically (well... most of the time!) and during weekends we either are at shows, enjoying the great outdoors or do nothing at all.

Free stuff:
We know you like this! We send free stuff with almost every order. It’s part of our policy! So, apart from your order you most likely end up with cool posters, stickers, pins or even CD’s. Don’t ASK for any specific things because then we’re gonna either send you really stupid stuff or nothing at all!

If there’s certain items not available in our online but you want them desperately, then please send us an e-mail. We can usually get basically anything within a week! If you have any other valuable comments or remarks to help us improve our store, just drop us a line at sales[at]

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